About Liesel

Liesel Duarte, the Founder and Creative Head of Knotted Up, has a true love for weddings. She thrives on the passion, romance, happiness and excitement that goes into the planning and execution of this joyous occasion. From the initial conversation with Liesel you will be engulfed by an energy that is warm and contagious, the perfect formula for any special event- be it a grand or intimate affair. Her calm demeanor will put you at ease while she crafts exquisite memories.

With a background in performance arts, events, fashion and management, Liesel has emerged with an eye for style and a head for business. Her management skills, meticulous coordination, love for texture, color and composition reflect the modern style upon which Knotted Up is built.

The Small Details

Liesel’s inspiration for Knotted Up came from the numerous details that she had to tie together while planning weddings for family and friends. She enjoyed the thrill of orchestrating the entire performance, creating a perfect picture while the bride and groom concentrated on the sole task of enjoying their special moment. She likes to design weddings the same way a broad way producer approaches a play- ensuring that the stars always shine and the guests always go home wanting more.

To her, being a wedding planner is about much more than spreadsheets and timetables. It’s about being a friend and confidante. It’s about listening and guiding. It’s about inspiring and creating. This is not only a time to plan a celebration; it is a time to celebrate the planning. To be a part of all this is what allows her to live her dream every day.

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